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Congress: Finding Answers Behind Closed Doors By: James P. Lough

Over the last five years, the UAP/UFO issue has gained unprecedented traction. For an issue that was considered untouchable, todays’ signs point to the possible disclosure of a non-terrestrial presence of unknown duration on planet Earth. For three years in a row, there has been legislation that continues ratcheting up…

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The Broader Implications of Proposed UAP Legislation            By: James P. Lough

On June 22, 2023, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted out of committee the Fiscal Year 2024 Intelligence Authorization Act. This annual bill establishes funding and new legislative parameters for the intelligence community (IC). If adopted, it would make the third year in a row that congressional legislation has…

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How Political Dynamics Shape UAP Study By James P. Lough

Over the past five years, the UAP issue has become an integral part of the political process. Despite being a fringe subject for decades, it is now having its moment in the sun. As with most public policy issues, it has had positive and negative developments. Overall, those interested in…

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Recommended Reading/ UFO Briefing Book

This is a listing of significant books about various aspects of the UFO Phenomenon. They are broken down into general categories with only one book listed per author. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Rather, a sampling of interesting books. It is not the purpose of this website to prove the existence of the phenomenon. The listed books and authors provide a starting point for those who wish to inquire further. At the end of 1953, a CIA memo lamented the fact that the CIA/Air Force efforts were not able to prevent the publication of two books about the UFO phenomenon in that year.

My book about the current Congressional consideration of UFO/UAPs can be found through many outlets. Links to online purchase of the UFO Briefing Book: A Guide to Congressional Oversight of the UAP Phenomenon.

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History of the UFO Phenomenon

Crash at Corona By Don Berliner & Stanton Friedman
Two of the Best UFO Researchers discuss the Roswell Incident.

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects By Edward Ruppelt (1956 Ed.)
The Project Bluebook Officer and his analysis of the early study of UFOs.

UFOs and Nukes By Robert Hastings
A well researched 2020 book that discusses nuclear weapons and how they attract the UFO phenomenon.

Abduction Phenomenon

Passport to the Cosmos By Dr. John Mack
The late Pulitzer Prize winning author and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School discusses the abduction phenomenon in this ground breaking book.

Coronado By Yvonne Smith
International UFO Congress Lifetime Achievement Award winner discusses a multiple abduction case centering on the Hotel Del Coronado while President Clinton was staying next door.

Missing Time By Budd Hopkins
The 1981 Classic that launched the serious study of the abduction phenomenon.

But Something is There By Steve Neill

Special Effects Design Artist Steve Neill writes a gripping account of his interactions with aliens. Steve also has an excellent Art Book that shows scenes from his encounters.

Personal Testimony of Experiencers

Incident at Devil’s Den By Terry Lovelace
A personal story of a abduction of two Air Force paramedics and the efforts of the Air Force to cover it up.

The Forgotten Promise By Sherry Wilde
The 2014 autobiographic book chronicled the challenges faced by a life long Experiencer and the life lessons she learned from her experiences.

The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race By Jim Sparks
A 2010 book by an Experiencer that has remarkable conscious memories of his experiences. He cautions us about humanity’s inability to protect our planet or the living beings that inhabit Earth.

Timeless By Dr. Bruce Solheim
The first book in a series that detail Bruce’s interactions with the paranormal, including aliens. The books show a connection between different realities.

The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement By Suzie Hanson

A 2016 book that details the long range plans of a group of aliens seeking to assist humanity help itself avoid a catastrophic crisis caused primarily by climate change.

Encounters with Star People: Untold Story of American Indians By Ardy Sixkiller Clarke
The 2012 book where a university professor collects stories of the special connection between Native Americans and Star People (ET).

Two books by Whitley Strieber are of particular interest. His first book about his own abduction experiences is a must read. Communion: A True Story (1988) is a gripping account of his first remembered experiences with Extraterrestrials known as the “Greys”. The Key: A True Encounter (2011) walks the reader through an encounter with a mysterious 1998 visitor who explained the nature of reality and the coming trials of mankind to Whitley. Many of the details foreshadowed recent scientific discoveries. The types of concerns the visitor raised with Whitley about humanity’s future matched consciously remembered messages that polled highly in a survey of approx. 5,000 Experiencers conducted by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences. (Beyond UFOs (2018) By Reinario Hernandez et. al.)