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Unidentified Flying Objects

Proposed Senate Amendment Accelerates UFO/UAP Disclosure Efforts

Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) has authored an amendment, which will help Congress better understand the UFO phenomenon.  While there has been unprecedented progress over the last few years, her amendment…
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UAP Foreign Policy

The 2022 Defense Authorization Bill (H.R. 4350) has passed the United States House of Representatives. It is currently in the Senate and headed towards final approval. Under Section 1652 (ESTABLISHMENT…
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Why I Write About Civil Rights and Government Secrecy

I began this website intending to focus on one issue. The Civil Rights of a small group of individuals who study or interact with extraterrestrials. According to recently declassified government…
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The Origins of UFO Secrecy

Over the last 70 plus years, Flying Saucers (UFOs) have been a taboo subject.  Most people are afraid to bring up the topic for fear of ridicule.  Potential loss of…
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Why the Secrecy is Wrong.

In 1953, the Air Force and CIA knew that they could not adequately explain what was appearing in our skies.  In order to hide their failures and/or cover things up…
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